About us

Enersolve is a new division of ORTEA
established to offer solutions for:

  • Power Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Saving

ORTEA SpA is a leading company in manufacturing and engineering voltage stabilizers, magnetic components, electrical equipment and automatic power factor correction systems.

Founded in 1969, it has over 50 years of experience in Italian and international markets.

Why Enersolve

Energy efficiency is identified
as a priority within the
National Energy Strategy.




Energy and Climate strategy 2050
Roadmap for a progressive de-carbonization of the economy with a final target of 80% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy management system and energy experts certification and ESCO.

Power Quality is becoming increasingly important.

Companies are sensitive to Power Quality issues because can cause problems and damages to equipment’s, while interrupting the production cycle in the most serious cases.

In recent years within production departments we have witnessed the diffusion of sensitive electrical loads (computer, PLC, laser, electronic boards, robots …), that often deal with those which are disturbing (drives, welders, presses, extruders …).

Also in the Terziary Segment Power Quality issues are relevant: service interruption, faults and anomalies of electrical equipment and electronic devices and data loss are just few examples.

 Industry Segment   4%

Terziary Segment   0,15%

Source: Leonardo ENERGY