Energy Efficiency and Audit

Energy efficiency of electrical systems

To assess the feasibility of an energy efficiency intervention at an electrical plant, it is first of all necessary to verify the electrical characteristics and consumption of this plant. Information can also be obtained by analyzing the bills; for the survey a network and energy quality analyzer Enerview-3S instrument is used; measurements are recorded for at least 1 week and then collected data are examined with the Enerview-3S Studio software.
Through the data acquired it is possible to obtain the consumption of energy and we can hypothesize which Enersolve product can affect the different costs faced by the activity, leading to a saving and an improvement of the energy efficiency of the electrical systems. Overvoltage phenomena are one of the characteristics that make the supply of energy of poor quality; they can excessively stress the cables and electrical equipment connected to the system, causing premature deterioration.

azienda02An energy audit is therefore a fundamental first step to examine the possible critical issues of the plant.

Enerview-3S is the ideal tool for both Power Quality troubleshooting and discovering Energy Savings:

  • Three-phase measuring and logging instrument.
  • Include Power Factor Correction and Harmonics measurements.
  • Economic.
  • Portable.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Autonomy of over 24 hours with rechargeable batteries.
Furthermore Enersolve offers a scheduled maintenance service, a technician will go to the plant checking the equipment and possible malfunctions.