Possible issues

Interruption of the production cycle: the stop of a single machine can cause considerable damages: production failure and quality requirements not respected. In the case of continuous cycle productions, such as bottling, canning, food industry, sheet metal processing, surface treatments, etc negative effects are amplified.

Faults and malfunctions: motors and electrical equipment not supplied under nominal conditions are subjected to a high failure rate and a lower useful life.

In case of plants with cogeneration or photovoltaics it is important to avoid downtime in order not to disperse the benefits of such solutions.

Electricity bills too expensive: waste and penalties, for example for reactive energy, are widespread practices.

Within Industrial sector, the total cost of Power Quality compared to the annual turnover of a company is around 4% (source: study by Leonardo Energy)!


The PQL solution:

It reduces the thermal and electrical stresses of loads reducing faults and disservices ensuring a continuity of the production cycle.

It checks and balances the power supply voltage of the electric loads (eg motors): maximum efficiency and minimum consumption.

It erases or reduces the penalties for reactive energy: complying with the new AEEG Resolution 654/2015 / R / EEL enforced since January 2016.

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