Power quality: the results of European Survey

  • 18 April 2018

Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI) team conducted an European PQ Survey. The main  purpose of this project was to estimate costs of wastage generated by inadequate power quality for those sectors within the EU-25 for which electrical power is critical. PQ costs in this survey have been reported in the following categories:

  • Voltage dips and swells;
  • Short interruptions;
  • Long interruptions;
  • Harmonics;
  • Surges and transients;
  • Flicker, unbalance, earthing and EMC problems.

The cost of wastage caused by poor PQ for EU-25 according to the LPQI analysis exceeds € 150 billion per annum . “Industry” accounts for over 90 % of this wastage. Dips and short interruptions account for almost 60 % of the overall cost to industry and 57 % for the total sample. The LPQI study shows that the economic impact of inadequate PQ costs industry some 4 % of turnover and “services” some 0.15 %. Among industrial companies the highest values occur in typical continuous manufacturing industries and lower values in the metallurgical, food and beverages and general manufacturing sectors. Within services sector hospitals are significantly higher than other groups.

The 3 main causes of low power quality

  • 11 April 2018

Power Quality is gaining increasing attention in the electric power industry. The consumer of electrical energy requires electric power with a certain quality, but loads can have a negative impact on the electrical system and are thus also subject to an assessment in terms of quality. Power quality is therefore intrinsically linked to the interaction between the electrical system and loads and must take into account both the voltage quality and power quality.

Among the main causes of poor power quality in low voltage are:

  • Voltage variations, because equipment operates less efficiently.
  •  Harmonic pollution, which causes additional stress on the networks and systems, causing them to operate less efficiently.
  • Excessive reactive power, because it charges useless power to the system

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