Skyrocketing energy bills? Not for everyone…

  • 16 September 2021

The italian Minister for Ecological Transition, Dr. Cingolani, stated that “the electricity bill increased by 20% during the last quarter, we are expecting a further 40% increase for the next quarter.”

The cause can be summarized in the increase of raw material prices and CO2 emission costs paid by energy companies and energy-intensive companies. This is happening not only in Italy, the scenario is the same all over the world.

Our Power Quality solutions, in particular Power Factor Correction Systems and Energy Efficiency Smart Devices guarantee immediate savings.

Ortea is at your disposal to guide you in the right choice.

Enersolve XXL

  • 14 September 2021

The client is a large plastic moulding company located in north-eastern Italy.

The green trend led them to select a monitored energy-saving solution. Not only that, but large fluctuations in the mains supply cause operational problems for the presses… Enersolve is able to solve this problem by guaranteeing a controlled voltage output in case of mains variations in the range of ±10%.

The purchase by the client was made through an ESCO company in EPC (Energy Performance Contract) mode, specialised in this type of intervention. This method will allow the client to reduce the costs of their investment to zero thanks to the monthly savings produced by the ENERSOLVE solution. The savings have been estimated to be about 200,000 kWh per year.

The machine, a 2500-kVA ENERSOLVE ESL-10E (model complete with three electronic, emergency and exclusion by-passes), intercepts the total power of the system, under a Mt/Bt transformer, via a 4000A busbar.

This is an XXL equipment, 5400x1000x2100 mm in size with a weight of approximately 4,900 kg.

The ENERSOLVE range is available in three models:

  • ESL-5 for the retail/small business market.
  • ESL-10 for environments where energy parameters fluctuate within the requirements of the ±10% reference standard.
  • ESL-20 for the most severe cases where fluctuations exceed the requirements of the reference standard.

The added value of the ENERSOLVE solutions is undoubtedly represented by the ENERCLOUD platform, which is essential for displaying and analysing energy parameters and a prerequisite for obtaining the benefits linked to Industry 4.0 plans. The on-board instruments make it possible to read and record the values of all the plant’s electrical parameters, hence processing energy-saving data in real time. The method used to process the energy-saving data is based on the principles of the ESPRO protocol approved by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Economic Development) after 3 years of joint studies.

The ESPRO protocol enables dynamic savings measurement: it is not based on measurements before and after the implementation of the energy efficiency implementation but rather enables continuous savings measurement.

Acquisition of Powersines Ltd. assets finally completed

  • 2 September 2021

Milan, Italy – September 1st 2021

ORTEA, leading global provider of power quality solutions, is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the “Assets” from POWERSINES Ltd, including Brand, Patents and the complete product range.

With this acquisition Ortea will complete its commercial offer, including low power voltage optimizers and at the same time revitalizing the Powersines sales network, previously active in the European markets.

Ortea is therefore continuing its business growth despite the effects of the pandemic, the global supply chain crunch and the vicissitudes of the holding Company.

“I am extremely satisfied with the economic and financial results achieved so far in 2021, all of which are positive and a clear improvement on previous years. Double-digit percentage improvements, thanks to the formidable professional contribution and relentless commitment of all our employees and our technical and commercial partners, who share the philosophy of close synergistic cooperation aimed at mutual and constant improvement” (Massimiliano Scarpellini, CEO Ortea SpA).

New forces in Ortea’s sales team

  • 6 July 2021

Ortea is pleased to announce that from June 2021 the Ortea Spa sales team will be joined by two new members, the engineers Davide Cuppari and Petio Dimitrov.

Davide Cuppari, who has an extensive experience in the world of critical power and business development skills, including international ones, is assigned the role of Italy Sales Manager.

“The Power Quality solutions and services offered by Ortea are very wide-ranging and the company’s technical expertise is of great depth. In the near future, also thanks to the path taken by ARERA with the latest TIQE, there will be a lot of attention on the issue of energy quality: we are ready”, says Davide Cuppari.

Petio Dimitrov, who was born in Bulgaria and grew up in Morocco, graduated in Electronic Engineering in Milan and has many years of experience in B2B sales in the plant engineering sector with a focus on foreign countries due to his extensive language skills. Petio will join and enrich our international sales team.

“In order to achieve the targets set by the various states in terms of energy transition, the world needs to change rapidly. This will intensify the existing challenges for electrical networks across the world in terms of continuity of power supply, longevity of equipment and its safety. My professional goal is to be close to customers to overcome these challenges that are particularly dear to me; Ortea, with its organisation and expertise, has provided me with the ideal environment to accomplish this”, says Petio Dimitrov.

“I am confident that Davide and Petio’s experience and professional background will be of great help to our company. Our expectations are to ensure Ortea’s continued growth, that would not be possible without an efficient customer service and a mutual relationship with our partners”, states our CEO Massimilano Scarpellini.

Quality certified

  • 29 June 2021

The belief that product quality and Customer satisfaction are the core of a modern organization, led to the implementation of a certified Company Managing System.

A modern Company that wants to accept the challenge of today’s business scenario cannot do so without conforming to standardized organizational criteria.

Customer satisfaction, product quality and responsible occupational practices are the basis on which the Company’s activities can be consolidated. ORTEA SpA understood this a long time ago: the first ISO 9001 approval dates back to 1996.

Today ORTEA SpA Integrated Managing System is approved by Lloyd’s Register according to the main Standards:

  • ISO9001 (Quality management systems).
  • ISO14001 (Environmental management systems).
  • OHSAS18001 (Occupational health & safety management systems).

This means that ORTEA SpA can ensure that its performance is optimized in terms of internal process management, commitment towards environmental issues and attention to health & safety at work within the frame of a single Managing System.

ENERcloud: savings always monitored

  • 8 June 2021

ENERcloud is the cloud platform for our ENERSOLVE “Intelligent energy efficiency devices”.

The tools on board enable the reading and recording of values for all the plant’s electric parameters, processing, in real time, the energy-saving data. The method used for processing the energy-saving data is based on ESPRO protocol principles approved by ENEA (Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) after three years of joint research.

The ESPRO protocol enables savings to be measured dynamically. In fact, the protocol isn’t based on the measurement before and after implementing the energy efficiency measures; instead, it enables energy savings to be measured continuously.

In developing the ESPRO protocol, we started out from a quote of Galileo Galilei: “Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.” In fact, it involved identifying a method that took account of the continuous variations in the two principal elements that contribute to the final result: the supply source and the combination of load mix moment by moment. Only continuous, not one-off, measurements of these quantities, which constantly and significantly vary, make it possible to determine, with certainty, the efficacy of the measures.

We began with the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), the protocol for checking the results of energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy projects in any field, from civil engineering to industrial sites. This method involves comparing energy consumption before and after the installation of an energy efficiency system. The limitation is that it adapts very well to systems in which the trend of the two parameters cited above is almost constant. However, in a real plant the situation is quite different, the trend in supply voltage, power, and load mix used is very different in each moment.

We added the analysis of the VDE-AR-E 2055-1 method: a standard that VDE created and that adapts IPMVP in the area of energy efficiency. It introduces the concept of variable energy saving depending on the type of load and the classification – in three categories – depending on their sensitivity to voltage variation. The limitation is in identifying the load mix installed in the plant, a piece of data that must be accurately known and must not, subsequently, vary.

The ESPRO protocol involves continuous measurement. The measurements are carried out every 15 minutes and, during a 30-second measuring window, the saving is frozen for 10 seconds, thus obtaining an actual difference between the instantaneous power and what the system would have used without the Enersolve installation. The measurement is repeated for the machine’s entire service life.

The total energy saved during the day is the sum of the individual measurements that repeat the method involved in the IPMVP protocol 96 times per day and exceed the VDE standard requirements, intercepting, sample by sample, the change in load mix.

The guarantee provided by Enersolve, thanks to this ESPRO functionality, refers to the total savings in kWh.


In practice, however, what is the effect when Enersolve is assembled in the plant?

The graphic below, downloaded from ENERcloud, shows the active power absorbed by an actual plant. The lower part shows the power value for the plant with the Enersolve system installed. The upper part, instead, shows the power that the plant would have used without the Enersolve system installed.

In this graphic, instead, the consumption of the system can be seen, day by day, with (green bar) or without (red bar) the Enersolve system.


ENERcloud, all the information in your hands…wherever you are.

The latest-generation electronics installed in the ENERSOLVE equipment makes it possible to measure, send, and store all the sensitive measurements, the energy saving, and the state of the machine in the cloud.

Thanks to the intuitive, Web-based software, it is possible to obtain all the necessary information in real time, in any part of the world and with any device.


Appointed a new Italy Sales Manager

  • 3 June 2021

ORTEA is happy to announce that, starting from June 1st 2021, the role of Sales Manager for Italy will be taken over by Eng. Davide Cuppari. Davide has excellent international business development skills and a lot of experience in the field of critical power.

” ORTEA is offering a broad range of Power Quality solutions and services, the company’s technical expertise is huge. In the near future, also thanks to the path taken by ARERA with the latest TIQE, there will be a lot of attention to the issue of power quality: we are ready”, declared Davide Cuppari.

Enerlux enters the share capital of Ortea

  • 24 March 2021

Ortea is pleased to announce the arrival of Enerlux as a new shareholder in the company structure.

“We are sure that Enerlux will create important commercial and industrial synergies with Ortea, by increasing the mutual value in the interest of the stakeholders” says our CEO, Massimiliano Scarpellini.

Enerlux is a historic international industrial player, with a strong know-how in the production of capacitors and power factor correction systems for both low and medium voltage (

“I strongly believe in this project” – says Monica Ronchini, CEO of Enerlux – “although at the moment we enter with a minority stake, our aim is to increase our presence in the share capital of Ortea”.

Don’t miss the train!

  • 26 January 2021

With the aim of boosting investments, the Italian Government has just approved a package of incentives to increase the energy efficiency of companies. The Enersolve technology, thanks to the official certification issued by ICIM, falls within the scope of this legislation. Check if your Country is offering similar incentives and do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to know more!

The 2021 desk calendar by Ortea SpA

  • 9 December 2020

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