Power Quality

Power Quality

At our point of connection to the network, the energy we extract, even within the regulatory requirements, may not be optimal for our use.

We buy energy without being able to negotiate the quality we need. I can only try to pay it a little less.

Companies are sensitive to Power Quality issues because can can cause problems and damages to the equipment’s, while interrupting the production cycle in the most serious cases.

The poor quality of electricity has an impact on the efficiency of the systems, their availability, the quality of the work, the reliability of the machinery, safety and management costs.

First of all it is important to read up on the power quality of our system. The energy sector plays a fundamental role in the growth of the country’s economy. Ensuring a more competitive and sustainable energy is therefore one of the most important challenges for the future of our country.

Costs due to poor power quality:

  • Costs for unproductive personnel due to the sudden termination of the production cycle
  • Costs for raw materials lost
  • Costs for work not done or gone anyway lost
  • Costs for work needed to cancel the negative effects of the sudden lowering of voltage quality (eg overtime paid to the staff)
  • Costs for damage and / or malfunction of machinery (repairs to them, temporary hire of new ones)
  • Penalties caused by contractual shortcomings
  • Sanctions for damage to the environment
  • Increase in general insurance costs

The quality of the electric service takes into consideration:

  • The continuity of the power supply, meant as the absence of interruptions in the supply of electricity.
  • The quality of the voltage,meant as the quality of the waveform (amplitude, frequency, variations, etc.).

There are numerous factors that affect the quality of electricity and in particular:

  • azienda03_2Dependent on distributor (network management and operation, maintenance)
  • User dependent (faults at the user’s system, disturbances emitted on the network)
  • Independent (environmental factors, atmospheric events, damage caused by third parties).

The total cost of Power Quality related to Company’s annual turnover is 4% in the Industrial segment and 0.15% in the Tertiary segment.

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