ESL-20 application example

Installation on an automatic production line for cutting and sheet metal processing in a metalworking company of a ESL-20 20kVA device with Power Factor Correction.

Benefits obtained:

Improvement of the Power Quality level and related costs reduction connected to breakdowns and malfunctions.

  • The supply voltage of the equipment is stable around +/-0,47% of the optimal value.
  • Reactive power, unbalanced between the three phases due to the presence of some single-phase devices, has been rebalanced with an over 30% reduction of the unbalance factor.

Reduction of energy consumption and losses on the network.

  • Energy consumption, with the same production value, has been reduced by more than 10%.
  • Network energy losses have been reduced by 40%.

Efficient consumption for a more rational use of electricity.

  • The average daily current absorbed by the department has been reduced by more than 20%.
  • The average daily apparent power absorbed by the department was reduced by 25%.

Overall, the installation of the ENERSOLVE device generated around 12% of economic saving related electricity consumption in the department and around 2% of savings related to total the department production value.