PQL Solution

It is a range of products which allows an increase in the level of Power Quality and the reduction in electrical consumption.


Improvement of energy quality.

  • Protection from transient overvoltages, such as lightning.
  • Increased useful life of loads.
  • Fault Reduction, because loads work under optimal power supply conditions.
  • Energy savings of between 6% and 12% on the entire energy bill, depending on the type of plant.
  • Reduction/elimination of penalties for reactive energy (version with PFC integrated).
  • Energy saving always monitored: you will be able any time to check the energy savings of your plant from your computer or smartphone..
  • All markets: the PQL solution applies to any type of plant, from the tertiary sector to large industry, even in the presence of cogeneration systems.
  • Plug-in: ESL solution commissioning does not require invasive interventions, it can be applied in a few hours and generates immediately energy savings.
PQL Product Range

Powers from 15 to 185 kVA

Powers from 215 to 720 kVA

Powers from 900 to 2300 kVA

Operation principles

Power Quality Line products:

  • They control and adjust the supply voltage of the electrical loads (eg motors, lamps) to maximize load efficiency by reducing consumption and limiting the thermal and mechanical stresses of the users..
  • They limit the effects of voltage peaks (eg by lightning or load variation) by avoiding electrical stress and reducing electrical equipment failure.
  • They can be equipped with an integrated power factor correction that, in addition to eliminating penalties, also reduces the energy dissipated by Joule effect.
  • Enersolve tools allow you to read and record the values of all the electrical parameters of the system. Energy Saving Line products measure and process energy saving data using a method suggested by the international measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP).